Capacity & Footprint

With a compact design that can fit bars of any size, the Mixibot Pro can hold and refrigerate up to 30 liquor bottles and 7 pre-mix ingredients, including bitters. Get started with our built-in recipes or customize your own.

Precision & Speed

The Mixibot Pro can make 8 cocktails in a minute with sub-milliliter accuracy. This means zero wastage and perfect pours all the time, even during a packed Friday night.

Smart Connectivity

The Mixibot Pro uses advanced Machine Learning to provide you with actionable sales & inventory data so that you can run your business with confidence and real-time visibility.


When will the Mixibot Pro become available?

We will be shipping the first batch of Mixibot Pro in July 2023 to our early backers.

How much does it cost?

The Mixibot Pro can be leased for a quarterly fee of $5400 plus one quarters' worth of deposit which covers the last quarter of the lease agreement.  The minimum lease is one year.

That breaks down to $1800 a month.

Do you have a portable version for events?

A more compact, portable version will be available in late 2023.